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Alan Schaller is a London based photographer who specialises in black and white photography. His work is often abstract and incorporates elements of surrealism, geometry, high contrast and the realities and diversities of human life.

Publications who have featured his work include The Guardian, The New York Times T Magazine, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Time Out, The Independent and The Evening Standard. Alan regularly has exhibitions, showing recently at the Saatchi Gallery, The Leica Galleries in London, Boston, Washington D.C., The Edit Space in Milan, and The Leica Galleries in Sydney & Melbourne.

Brands he has worked with include Apple, Philips, Huawei, Union Coffee, Kew Gardens, Nokia, Huntsman of Savile Row and London Fashion week. He is an ambassador for Leica Cameras. 

He co-founded the Street Photography International Collective (SPi). It was set up to promote the best work in the genre, and to give a platform to talented yet unrepresented photographers. Today the SPi Instagram account is the largest dedicated street photography resource in the world with over 1 million followers. Each month SPi has 14 million visits and receives over 100,000 image submissions.

Alan's own Instagram following now exceeds 400,000 people.

Asides from photography, Alan has written articles for the Independent focusing on humanitarian issues. His author page can be found through this link.

He is also a multi instrumentalist with a background in music production, a field he worked in prior to photography.



How old are you? 31 years old. 

Who are your influences? Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Haas, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Sebastio Salgado, Cecil Beaton, Fan Ho, Don McCullin. 

Do you also produce colour work? Yes.

What are your favourite cities for Street Photography? London, Havana, Istanbul, New York, Kyoto.

Do you need an assistant? I do not work with assistants unless on commercial shoots where somebody is provided.

Advice for new photographers? Have fun with the camera. Put in the hours, think for yourself and keep a camera on you all the time. 

What camera do you use? Leica M Cameras. Mostly the Monochrom Typ 246. I also use the Leica M10-P. I use a vareity of Leica M lenses.

Are you exhibiting at the moment? All current and upcoming exhibitions are listed here.