salzburg black and white masterclass with leica


12th & 13th of april 2019

Join Alan for a two day comprehensive workshop and discover his methods in Salzburg. The weekend will be covering everything from shooting technique, philosophies, editing advice and getting your work out into the world. Learn how to use natural light to create dramatic and dynamic compositions that have punch.

Alan is an experienced teacher, regularly working internationally with the Leica Akademie and  conducting private workshops. 

 Duration of workshops: 10am until 5pm per day. 


- Using light 

- Camera technique

- Shooting from the hip purposefully 

 - Creating your own photographic niche

 - Creating impact in your work: perspective & scale

 - Approaching strangers and street photography etiquette

 - How best to approach social media and getting your work in the spotlight

 - Post processing 


Have a question? Email Alan directly here.




I wish to thank you immensely for our time spent together during the session. From the very beginning I felt that you took a very personal interest in my development. I learned a great deal from your demonstrations and experience and your hands on approach. It was educational, inspirational, and so much fun!

The workshop was the perfect exposure to your methodology and techniques and allowed me ask you many questions about everything from my equipment to light and shadow and philosophy. I feel so much more comfortable and confident about photographing people out on the street after meeting with you. Before I met with you this was a huge challenge for me but now it is very natural.

Since we met a few weeks ago, I have seen much improvement in my photos and in working towards developing my own unique style. I was even on a flight recently browsing through my photos on my laptop and a woman seated next to me was blown away by my images. It was very flattering and a direct result of improvements I have experienced since meeting with you.



It was such a pleasure to join Alan for his workshop in London.  I truly believe I learned more in that one day than in many previous technical or composition workshops. We started the day reviewing both of our work.  This gave Alan an understanding of where I was in my ability.  We then walked a path through central London with many amazing photo opportunities. With Alan by my side and seeing things through his eyes I was able to better learn how many of these spots could be captured.  We would stop from time to time, review and then move on again each time with the aim of improving and trying new things.  In addition to being a great teacher, Alan was simply a very pleasant person to spend the day with.  I highly recommend Alan, he is amazing photographer and excelled at helping me improve in a short period of time. 

Angela, UK


It was amazing to finally meet you after admiring your work for so long. I am really glad I did! The workshop was amazing I just wish that I had more time here in London to do one more day with you. Thanks a lot for directing me the right way and sharing so much. 

Humaira, Dubai


Thank you Alan for opening my eyes! So informative and great to see how a master of his craft works. I have so many helpful tips to take away from the day - can't wait to get back out there and put it all into action. 

Elliot, UK


Super helpful and good fun hanging out. Your advice will help me a lot.

Tom, Australia 


Thank you, it was loads of fun! The tips for shooting quickly and accurately will prove useful and make life far easier in the long run.

Clifford, UK


Thanks so much!!! I’ve improved so much after you. I still have far to go but am on the right track!! 

Patricia, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions


Where will we meet?

Alan will be in touch with full details after you have booked your place.

How long is a workshop?

A meeting point is arranged by Alan in Salzburg for 10am. There is a 30 minute break for lunch. Each day will conclude at 5pm.

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to join?

Photographers of all experience levels are welcome. 

What kind of cameras are accepted?

Alan encourages the use of every kind of device, from iPhones to Analog, digital DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Each have the potential to take a great image.

Can I purchase a workshop as a gift?

Yes, but please contact Alan to notify him of the name of the recipient.

Are workshops postponed for bad weather?

No. Alan plans two routes per workshop. One predominantly outdoors for good weather, another mainly indoors in the event of rain. There is no such thing as bad conditions for creating great photographs!

I am under 18 years old. Can I book a place? 

You may, but need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the day. If that adult wishes to take part in the workshop, they will need to purchase a place also. 

Can I bring a friend along?

Only paying participants are allowed to attend (unless under the age of 18 with an accompanying adult)

How physically demanding is a workshop?

We tend to walk around 5-7 miles over the course of the day. As the workshops are based in cities this isn't overly taxing.

Are lunches included?

Participants are asked to bring their own lunch with them or to purchase it during the designated lunch break.