1 on 1 Workshop in London

8 hours - For a maximum number of two people.

You will receive a full day of Street Photography tuition with Alan Schaller in his home city of London. You will be taken by him to the locations of some of his most celebrated photographs. Enjoy a comprehensive day covering everything from shooting technique to social media advice, philosophies to perspective. 


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Please message Alan through the contact form to arrange a date.

A typical example of a route Alan will take you on, visiting a variety of the best shooting locations London has to offer.

A typical example of a route Alan will take you on, visiting a variety of the best shooting locations London has to offer.

Alan Schaller is offering 1 on 1 and group workshops in London. These workshops will compromise of a full day shooting in London around Alan's favourite locations as well as comprehensive discussions about his approach and how you can implement these skills and philosophies in your own photography. You can gain access to his expertise in the fields of street photography, photojournalism, portraiture, social media strategy, commercial and editorial shoots.  


Workshops can be tailored to your specification. In order to discuss this with Alan as well as choosing a suitable date for you to have your workshop, please message him through the contact page to arrange a phone call or to initiate an email conversation so you can explain your photography goals and the areas you wish to work on. 


Duration of workshops: 10am until 6pm.

If you would like a general street photography workshop Alan will take you on a day shooting a diverse route of his choosing around London and will cover the following theory:


- Using light 

- Camera technique

- Shooting from the hip purposefully 

 - Creating impact in your work: perspective & scale

 - Creating your own photographic niche

 - Approaching strangers and street photography etiquette

 - How best to approach social media and getting your work in the spotlight.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How many can people attend 1 on 1 workshops? 

Purchasing a place allows tuition for a maximum of two people. 

How long is a workshop?

A meeting point is arranged by Alan in London for 10am. A description of the outline of the day lasts until 10.30am. We finish at 6pm. There is a 30 minute break for lunch. 

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to join?

Photographers of all experience levels are welcome. 

What kind of cameras are accepted?

Alan encourages the use of every kind of device, from iPhones to Analog, digital DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Each have the potential to take a great image.

Can I purchase a workshop as a gift?

Yes, but please contact Alan to notify him of the name of the recipient.

Are workshops postponed for bad weather?

No. Alan plans two routes per workshop. One predominantly outdoors for good weather, another mainly indoors in the event of rain.

I am under 18 years old. Can I book a place on a 1 to 1 workshop? 

You may, but need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the day. If that adult wishes to take part in the workshop, they will need to purchase a place also. 

Can I bring a friend along?

Only paying participants are allowed to attend (unless under the age of 18 with an accompanying adult)

How physically demanding is a workshop?

We tend to walk around 5-7 miles over the course of the day. As the workshops are based in cities this isn't overly taxing.

Are lunches included?

Participants are asked to bring their own lunch with them or to purchase it during the designated lunch break.